Moniker Warehouse

Moniker Warehouse

705 16th St, San Diego, CA 92101

Venue Contact: (619) 203-5610

Moniker Warehouse is a renovated industrial space in the heart of San Diego’s East Village neighborhood. The contemporary multipurpose space serves as a venue for a wide variety of events ranging from weddings, concerts, fundraisers, art shows, and anniversaries. This space is transformed each day and evening from a social hub for the neighborhood, to an intimate setting for social gatherings. The flexible urban setting is a blank slate and ready to be transformed by your imagination. The white, rustic walls are full of character, anticipating creative and unique backdrops designed by you. The space mixes reclaimed wood, metal, angle iron, brick, galvanized pipe, and concrete to create a unique, rustic vibe that will create an extraordinary and memorable experience for your social event.

Seated Capacity 220

Standing 325

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