How to Plan A Dinner Party

Appetizers - Planning Dinner Party

Have you ever hosted a dinner party? Yes, no, maybe so? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to share some tips with you on how to host the best dinner party that your guests will leave talking about (in a good way, of course)!

The key to hosting any party is planning, planning, planning. If you’re unplanned and unorganized, it will be obvious and everything will be as such. If you know you’re having this party in advance, start planning a minimum of 7 days in advance. Why so early, you might ask? Some meals requiring marinating and giving yourself 7 days gives you the right amount of time to go grocery shopping, marinate your food, and arrange décor, if you’re doing so. Below, we’re giving you some tips to plan the best party there ever was, so grab a snack, pen & paper, and follow along.

Appetizers - Planning Dinner Party

  1. Plan, plan, plan! Day 7
    1. Write a list, actually, a few lists: guest list, grocery list, and décor list. Doing this 1 week in advance is key to success. When writing your guest list, think about a seating arrangement, if you so choose. You can’t write a grocery list until you’ve written a menu. We recommend cooking/baking items that you’re comfortable with or have tried at least once. You don’t want to experiment with a new recipe unless your guests are flexible and don’t mind the very slight chance you’d have to order pizza at the last minute. J If you are doing decoration, make sure you figure out what you need by drawing up a quick sketch.
  2. Design your menu – Day 7 or 6
    1. We mentioned this above, but here’s some more info about how to do this. We recommend picking a theme. For example, if your main course is lamb, try to do side dishes and appetizers that compliment the main course like a Mediterranean theme. If we were serving lamb, we would do a fresh and crisp Greek salad, seasoned rice pilaf or lemon and oregano mini potatoes, with Tzatziki saucE for dipping. Our appetizers would include hummus, spanakopita, and some light vegetables.

Outdoor Dinner Party

  1. Go grocery shopping with your list Day 6 or 5
    1. When you head to the store, try to think of the items you have, and need. On your list, be sure to include ALL the items, even salt and pepper, because this list works as a recipe card to on the day of cooking. Organize your list in a way that is categorized by each menu item. Try to stick to one store, if possible. If not, just be sure to cross items off as you have them or buy them.
  2. Prep any food you can ahead of time Day 4-2
    1. This really works for meat or poultry that needs to be marinated. Most items need to be prepped the day of, but some ingredients can be chopped or prepped the day before, just be sure to refrigerate them in a way that keeps them from frosting or drying out.
  3. Pull out all the plates and utensils you’ll need – Day 3 or 2
    1. Here’s a gem for you to keep in your pocket of great ideas for the kitchen: once you’ve pulled out the dishes you’ll be using, take a post-it and write each menu item on a post-it, and place it on the appropriate dish. This way, the day of the event, you won’t be climbing into shelves trying to figure out what to take out. You can thank us later. J
  4. Get decorating – Day 3 or 2
    1. Depending on how detailed your décor will be, you might want to start this day 3 instead of 2. Also, this would be the time to tidy up your home, if you’re hosting the party at home.
  5. Enjoy! –Day 1 Party Day
    1. We recommend getting up early the day of the party to ensure you’re not rushing at the last minute. Make sure you give yourself enough time to relax and get ready before the party starts.

Hummus Dinner Party

We hope this helps you plan your next party. If you don’t feel like cooking, remember, we can do it for you! Contact us for your next party. Comment below any tips you used and what you want to do next.

Eat Well; Live Well; Be Well.

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